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Ruben Diaz, Sr. is a Trump-Republican pretending to be a Democrat and he is a close Trump ally. He supports Trump’s dangerous agenda that hurts families in the South Bronx. In 2016, he brought the dangerous, anti-immigrant, Republican Senator Ted Cruz to the South Bronx and endorsed him for President.

And here is Ruben Diaz, Sr. again endorsing Republican, Trump-Ally Republican Rob Astorino against Governor Andrew Cuomo:

Ruben Diaz, Sr. is anti-women. He said sexual harassment 

can sometimes "be a compliment" and he would not report sexual harassers:

New Yorkers deserve better. The Bronx deserves better.

The Bronx has better. The Bronx has Ritchie Torres.



Ritchie is one of the most dynamic legislators on the City Council, passing over 30 laws on the subjects of healthcare, housing, and jobs to help Bronx families​. He has stood up to Donald Trump and has investigated Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner:

In times like these, we can choose a public servant like Ritchie Torres-- someone who has worked on behalf of Bronx families with empathy, integrity, and honor. In Washington, Ritchie’s inclusive agenda will protect and expand rights -- and he’ll defend our communities from the dangerous Republican policies that people like Ruben Diaz, Sr. enthusiastically support.

Request your ballot, vote for Ritchie Torres and let us send Ritchie to Congress to fight for us here at home in the Bronx.

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